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Tafrina DuBois brings her amazing workshop to Zenubian!

Friday 3rd August - 7.15 to 8.15pm

Gongs have been used for centuries for healing and relaxation..

This is a wonderful opportunity to drift into deeper states of being, recalibrating and re-balancing yourself with the power of sound..

What a way to end your week !


13th JULY 2018

The Trinity:  Art, Sound & Movement...This workshop will restore your very being! 

Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy is more often called Sound Healing, a modality that has been used in all ancient civilisations, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, indigenous people of Australia, Native Americans, Mayans and others. The practice also known as vibrational medicine, Includes the use of the human voice, with the permission of the client and pure intention to resonate sounds that heal. Group toning and various percussive or melodic instruments can also be used.
Sound Therapy after many case studies shows that after treatment, more than a 95% shift in calmness and stress and anxiety levels decreased. It's also beneficial for treating, insomnia, depression, grief, IBS, Chronic pain and so much more. As the human body is 70% water the sonic frequencies penetrate the bones and subtle energy field of humans and being, balance calm and energetic shift known as healing.

Creative Movement
Drew will be sharing a series of creative movements that can be done daily. They are based on
Chi Gong which literally means "Life Energy Cultivation". It is a holistic system of coordinated body posture,movement, breathing and meditation. It promotes health and spirituality, and aids in martialrts training. Drew has incorporated stories into the movements to make them fun and easy
to remember. This practice will help to cultivate and balance Chi "life energy".

Art Therapy
Anthroposophical Artistic Therapy applies a holistic approach using artistic techniques often
inspired by nature and its’ rhythms and processes. By applying the knowledge and anthroposophical
understanding of human-beings, it can be used to positively affect physical and mental health and
spiritual aspects of someone’s life.
Tickets Only £16.76


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