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Melinda Papp - Massage Therapist & Ayurvedic Consultant

According to Ayurveda your natural state is health, balance and happiness. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic healing practice originated from India and it creates a finely tuned balance between mind, body and spirit.

It heals the natural way by eating the right food, living a lifestyle suitable for the individual dosha ( body and mind make up), taking herbs and having Ayurvedic treatments.

I also heal with sound and vibration using Tibetan singing bowls, the resonance and the sound of the bowls pushes the brain into a meditative state and reminds the cells to the healthy vibration. Combination of these two ancient healing practices are also available for request.

If you would like to know more how Ayurveda can help you I offer 15 min free consultations over the phone or skype.

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook and Instagram @theayutherapy

Phone: 07505036552

My name is Tye, and I am a fully qualified massage therapist. Whether you're looking to get rid of stress or just looking to pamper yourself I can help. I have helped people from all different walks of life, and professional backgrounds such as bodybuilders, athletes , manual labour, to people who work in an office 

Here are some of the benefits of my treatments.

Deep Tissue Massage:  improved sleep Reducing Chronic Pain, Improving Blood pressure, breaking up scar tissue, stress relief.

Sports Massage: improved range of motion, leading to better performance, reduced recovery time post injury, decrease any muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise or physical activity.

Swedish Massage: improve blood circulation, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve mental thoughts, improve immune system, less anxiety.

Aromatherapy Massage: reduction of depression and anxiety, increase in calmness and relaxation, improved mental state

Hot Stone Massage: boost immunity, decrease cancer symptoms, promotes sleep, relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases, reduces stress

if would like more information or if you feel my treatments could help you in any way, feel free to contact me

Discount Code: RELAX ME

Tel: 02032901332

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