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captains log - 21.11.2017
So who knew..
Zenubian has been at 136 Hither Green Lane for four and a half months now..
During that time we've made great strides!  Blessed to have the company of many great creatives and practitioners in our new space, and a warm welcome from the HG community was gratefully received.

Things do take a while to settle, and after all the developments and changes, I have been in preparation for the Christmas season.  Life has a habit of throwing curve balls and lessons and I've had a few since the re-opening.. The worst feeling in the world is feeling like you may have made a mistake. 
What made me feel this way?  Another break-in !

After the last one in February at the Ladywell premises, this one has made me feel quite unsafe.  Two within a year can make a dent in your sense of safety.  I now have to get practical and find a solution.  The only real one is getting shutters for the shop, but for these massive windows, they are very expensive.  Prior to opening at Hither Green, I had to choose between stock and shutters.  Such are the difficulties of a sole trader..I chose stock.  Hoping to have the opportunity to build up.  No such luck!

So here it is.. a somewhat embarrassed request for help...
I know things are tough for everyone right now..but if you feel to and are able to, I would deeply appreciate any donation possible to get me on the road to security.

I am planning a couple of events to help this mission for shutters, so watch this space!
Please click the link below if you can help.
Thank  you so much!

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